More than a software

An unparalleled service based on a strong partner-driven relationship, Focus on your core business while we handle its technical aspects

S@M : a global and integrated solution

Agile and Scalable

In a fast changing landscape, we help you adapt your business model and sustain growth

100% Secure

Secure coding & software developement practices ensure that our app is safe from threats

Save Time: Go Digital

Straight-through-processing and automation help you reduce operational time and focus on customer relations and market analysis

Best in class at low cost

We provide all key features for small players to go digital at a very competitive price, while big players are interested in our BtoB offer

Globally accessible and multilingual

Access to S@M wherever and whenever you want using the SaaS mode via any web interface

Easy to use

A user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily view the situation of the portfolios, but also offers to top management an overview of the investment activity for strategic decisions


Choose the best fit for your business. The complete front-to-back integrated platform or start with the portfolio management module then add extra modules as your business grows


Including dashboards for: Top management Portfolio managers Fund managers Middle- and back-office

Rethink your business model, stay on top of your competition

• we provide an agile IT infrastructure for you to expand and diversify your investment offer • use our visual dashboards to make strategy decisions and rethink your value proposition • identify customer's preferences and market trends based on the liability management of your funds • onboard new partners on a single agile and collaborative platform

Optimize your operating model, boost performance

Increase your staff efficiency: • save time, have all data at your fingertips, make fast and better informed decisions, report easily • automate and streamline processes Get access to dynamic data using a modern technology integrated with all essential data sources • provide a real time view of your portfolio assets and performance • automatically load your data from custodians to monitor performance Opt for a lean and light IT architecture to replace old, complex and numerous solutions.

Value communication and focus on customer satisfaction

Improve client communication by • giving your clients access to dynamic data through a digital platform • using advanced CRM features • creating personalized and more engaging reports Move away from silos and foster cross-team interaction: • data is instantly available through a single interface to all users from Front- to Back-Office. • effortless transparency on your investment strategy, revenues, compliance mechanisms, and risks

Why S@M

Who is S@M for?

We offer tailor-made solutions for your industry! • Asset management • Wealth management • Investment management/ Private Equity Firms • Banking (Private banking/ Custodian) • Insurance/ Life insurance

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